I am passionate about software development. With well over twenty years of ICT experience I have been through plenty of hypes and developments. From the start however, I designed and developed software in various languages and on a variety of platforms. From 1994 onwards, I have specialised in SAP R/3.

I started out working for SAP itself and later on worked at other major companies. I was initially a functional consultant, but later on started tackling new, challenging technologies and more complex problems. But always in a SAP environment, because – in my opinion – SAP offers the ultimate to companies, government bodies and institutions. As far as I am concerned, there are only a few packages that can even compete slightly in this field. And I like working with the very best!

My specialisations in SAP R/3 include:
• dialogue applications, reports
• interfacing, conversions, LSMW, batch input, direct input, ALE/EDI,
IDOC, interfaces between SAP and Microsoft products
• SAP script, Smart Forms
• modifications and expansions, BAPI, BADI
• upgrade, SPAU, SPDD
• SAP Internet applications, ITS, HTML, business HTML, BSP
• workflow (both design, construction and any possible expansions)
• setting up authorisation schedules, roles and profiles.

Over the years, I have carried out projects in almost every functional field. Although I also build applications using Microsoft Office,
Microsoft Access and Microsoft.NET, my main focus is
on SAP R/3.