My method is often experienced as dynamic. If so desired, I can work on location, but if I can work from home I charge lower rates. Although I am immersed in the material and provide professional work, I also wish to be accessible and communicative towards clients. I am most comfortable with informal contact. I do not have a 9 – 5 mentality and if a project is delivered too late, it will not be my fault.

Although I state that you can get 'Immediate help from SAP specialist' I may sometimes be so fully booked that I cannot visit you straight away. On average, I try to deal with two projects per week and I prefer short-term projects for this reason.

I have a verklaring arbeidsrelatie (VAR) [declaration of labour relations] and can – at your request – provide a quarterly accountant's declaration proving the payment of social security premiums and taxes. Nothing legal now stands in the way of dealing with me directly as a self-employed entrepreneur.